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Extended information on 42 NAMA Support Project Outlines received in the 3rd Call of the NAMA Facility

Region Country Thematic Focus
Europe Georgia Energy Efficiency
Africa Cameroon Energy Efficiency
  Cameroon, Senegal, Tanzania Other
  Ethiopia Renewable Energy
  Ethiopia Transport
  Ethiopia Waste / Waste Water Treatment
  Ghana Energy Efficiency
  Kenya Transport
  Kenya Renewable Energy
  Malawi Other
  Mali Renewable Energy
  South Africa Energy Efficiency
  South Africa Energy Efficiency
  Tanzania Forestry
  Tanzania Forestry
  Tanzania Renewable Energy
  Uganda Renewable Energy
Americas Antigua and Barbuda Renewable Energy
  Bolivia Forestry
  Colombia Energy Efficiency
  Dominica Agriculture
  Dominican Republic Other
  Ecuador Energy Efficiency
  Guatemala Energy Efficiency
  Guatemala Waste / Waste Water Treatment
  Mexico Energy Efficiency
Asia Bangladesh Agriculture
  China Waste / Waste Water Treatment
  Malaysia Forestry
  Malaysia Transport
  Malaysia Waste / Waste Water Treatment
  Mongolia Energy Efficiency
  Nepal Waste / Waste Water Treatment
  Nepal Transport
  Pakistan Waste / Waste Water Treatment
  Philippines Renewable Energy
  Sri Lanka Waste / Waste Water Treatment
  Viet Nam Agriculture

(4 submitters did not indicate or did not approve the publication of the information; respective information is not included in the table)

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